Sound Equipment

Sound can set a mood, start a party or communicate a message. There is no substitute for a professional audio system. We strive to provide you with only the best sonic solutions and sound equipment. From top-quality manufacturers such as AKG, Allen & Heath, Alto, Behringer, EV, Hybrid, JBL, Mackie, Samson, Shure, Vox, Wharfedale, Yamaha and more.

Turn it up to eleven! 


We stock a wide range of speakers for any occasion imaginable. From simple one-man-band setups and public address systems to large arena and auditorium sound solutions. Portable powered speakers or permanent PA, let us help you pick your perfect system. Whether you need standard loudspeakers, stage subwoofers or quality studio monitors - you're at the right place.

A superior speaker set up in front of a stage

A specialist studio microphone sitting in a cradle


When it comes to microphones you should look at both application and environment. Will you be on the stage or in the studio? Will you be directly behind the mic or will sound be coming from different angles? Wired or wireless? Handheld, lapel or headset? How rugged must it be? We stock all major styles of microphone including condenser, dynamic, ribbon, tube, USB and more.


Electronic instruments have made a huge impact on the music industry - the only catch is that they have to be amplified! We stock all kinds of amplifiers: small practice amps, half-stacks, full-stacks and combo amps. We can assist you whether you're looking to amplify your instrument (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc.) or if you need a studio-quality headphone amp or microphone preamp.

The face of a sound amplifier

Close up of the sliders and knobs of a mixer used to control your sound equipment


Audio mixers can go from sheer simplicity to the power of a small recording studio. We supply everything from small and portable analog mixers to multiple channel, multiple send, built-in DSP, sophisticated EQ digital mixers. Digital mixers are extremely powerful with their ability to record the stereo mix directly to a computer system and their capacity to store and recall settings.