Musical Instruments

We supply musical instruments of all shapes and sizes - ordinary and obscure. Everything from your first flute and basic bongos to 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kits and didgeridoos. We also stock a variety of beginner and advanced music books. If we don't have the particular or peculiar musical instruments that you are looking for in stock then let us know. We will source it especially for you! 


The evolution of the guitar has seen it take on many different forms while its versatility has seen it play a role in a vast variety of genres. We stock all types and styles of guitar, both full- and children sizes, including Classic (Folk), Acoustic, Bass, Electric, Ukuleles, Banjos and Mandolins. Our range of guitars include established brands such as Yamaha, Ibanez, Cort, Fender, Washburn, PRS and more.

A person playing acoustic guitar outside on a sunny day



Keyboards are one of the most adaptable instruments with their ability to emulate a diverse range of sounds. With such a wide variety of options it's important to find the keys that best suit your artistic needs. We stock keyboards, digital pianos, synthesizers and midi controllers from trusted brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Coda, Medeli, Samson, Alesis, Novation, Traktor, Miditech and more.


Need more cowbell? Drums and percussion have the important role of setting the pace and rhythm of a song. There is a huge selection of percussion instruments and we stock everything from traditional acoustic drum kits and modern electronic drum kits to Bongos, Cajons, Congas, Djembes, Shakers, Maracas, Percussion Blocks, Tambourines, Xylophones, Chimes and Triangles.

A close up of a burnt orange drum kit

A professional looking woman in an orchestra playing a woodwind instrument


A standard in orchestras, school, marching and military bands. Wind instruments all feature a resonator, or a tube, that allows air to vibrate in accordance with the length of the tube. In order to change notes, players can make modifications to the flow of air. At Soundworks music store you'll discover Recorders, Flutes, Clarinets, Harmonicas and Piccolos for every skill level and budget.


With their iconic shapes and immediately identifiable sounds, brass instruments are the epitome of style. Depending on your skill level and technique there are a number of different brass instruments that are great options for you. We stock Saxophone, Trumpets, Trombones, Tubas, French Horns, Bugles and more from reputable sources such as Yamaha, Jupiter, Sonata, Chateau and Conn-Selmer.

A brass musical instrument lying on sheet music

The beautifully crafted head of a violin


String instruments have stood the test of time. Whether played solo, in a band, string quartet or full orchestra, string instruments are extremely emotive. We pay special attention to sound quality, craftsmanship and playability when selecting which Violins, Violas, Cellos and Double Bass to keep in stock. Apart from the traditional we also stock electric string instruments for the modern muso.