DJ Equipment

As a DJ your goal is to ensure the dance floor is full and everyone is having a good time - be it a wedding, birthday party, or club. We stock all kinds of DJ equipment, from decks and mixers to controllers and headphones, each piece of gear helping you take the party to the next level. The trick is making sure that all of your equipment works together in perfect harmony. We are here to advise and supply.


There is certain DJ equipment you need in order to keep the music flowing and the dance floor pumping. A solid mixer is essential for adjusting track levels and maintaining control over your mix. To decide which mixer is right for you you'll need to ask what it is that's most important to you. Control? Portability? Compatibility? Not too sure? Let us help you find your perfect mixer.

The lit up interface of a mixer used to control your DJ equipment

A DJ controller enveloped in a red glow


A DJ controller is an interactive interface offering a tangible way for DJ's to play their software in real time. DJ controllers are built to replicate the traditional hardware of turntables and CDJs in a more compact and feature rich solution that makes it easier to transport and perform in the modern world of digital DJing. We can help you whether you're looking to upgrade your rig or start from.. scratch.

CD / Media Players

A DJ wouldn't get very far without music to play, that's why CD and media players are an essential part of every DJ booth. With support for all kinds of media, single or dual decks, sync options, pitch control, turntable styled jog dials, MIDI, effects and looping controls there is a lot of performance enhancing functionality to choose from when selecting your new media player.

A silver turntable media player

Professional headphones resting on DJ equipment


DJ headphones are for anyone who demands detail, range and sensitivity out of their listening experiences. They are designed to be worn often (at home, on stage or in the studio) so comfort is a very important factor - as well as durability, noise cancellation and whether or not there is a detachable cord. All you need is the desire to listen to music without ever sacrificing on quality.